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Complete the details on the left and then click the "Calculate" button. An estimate will appear on the right.

The rates and figures shown are those for a typical borrower. Estimates are based on the nearest complete month and are for illustration purposes only. If you would like an estimate based on a different repayment interval please contact us.

We treat each person as an individual and, depending on your circumstances and your record as a member of Essex Savers, the rates and figures may differ from those shown. Your loan documents will give the interest rate, duration of loan, repayment amounts (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) and the amount we are willing to lend you. Please speak to us before signing the loan agreement if you have any queries regarding these.

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What sort of loan do you want?

Short termAlternative to a payday loan
£100-£1000. 1-6 months. 42.6% APR.
GeneralRepaid by other regular payments
£100-£10000. 1-60 months. 23.1% APR.
BenefitsRepaid by deductions from benefits
£100-£500. 1-18 months. 42.6.6% APR.
SecuredSecured by your savings with us
£100-£10000. 1-60 months. 12.6% APR.

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